Monday, 16 January 2012

New Week, New Start, New Thinking.

For me, this year is about  taking control of my life. Concentrating on changing the things that I can, and not worrying about the things that I can't. taking little steps, getting pleasure from the small things along the way and being more at peace with myself. I have been struggling of late with my identity, a sense of who I am, I feel that I have lost my way and I need to regain some purpose and self belief. So, hopefully for me 2012 will be an uplifting year with a sense of achievement.

all images via tiny white daisies.

Happy New Week To You and A BIG Welcome To My New Followers.



  1. Another beautiful post
    I wish you well in your
    wish for a little control
    and I see you do find pleasure
    in all the beautiful things
    around you by looking at
    the images you post!

    Best wishes



  2. Love everything about this post:)

  3. uplifting...what a perfect 2012 word to live by!