Friday, 27 January 2012

Hurrah For Friday.

images via, beauty and grace and a lady's findings.

I hope you have wonderful things planned for this weekend, or, if not, a relaxing , peaceful time just going with the flow.
I am off to a friends birthday party tomorrow evening, the theme is super heroes. I am not a great fan of fancy dress parties, I always feel rather robbed of the chance to put on something lovely and new. Paid a visit to a wonderful vintage shop in nearby Totnes called Revival, it is an absolute treasure trove of wonderful, old, retro and unusual clothes. I have decided to go as James Bond! Bought a gorgeous old dinner jacket and soft white shirt. Will steal a bow tie off my other half and hey presto. It is surprisingly rather a good look and I think I will re use the dinner jacket with it's lovely silk lining with jeans.

Thank you for following x


  1. Ohhh your outfit sounds wonderful! I am so with you; parties are about getting a dress on for me...but actually a feminine try at a tux sounds ideal! Lovely images as ever...hope you have a great weekend. Lou x

  2. Once again hurray Friday!
    Fabulous mirror ! :-)

  3. What lovely images, have a lovely time at your party!

  4. Sounds like a fun party and you will look mysterious.
    Have a great weekend


  5. have fun! I love your images. What I would give to find that plate that looks like vintage linen. I am not a fan of the costume party either. Not one of my strengths.


  6. Thanks for the lovely images all week - beautiful and inspiring.

    I have been to the shop you bought your outfit from in Totnes, it is like an Aladdin's Cave and you never know what you will find! Hope you had a great party