Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Flowers and Colour for a Cold Day.

I love this, you can almost taste and smell Provence and feel the heat, such pretty colours too.

all images via beauty and grace and hopscotch and grace.


  1. A beautiful post and I love how your flowers are matching the Provence light. You are creative.
    My best for a sunny day
    Helen xx

  2. love the photo of the garden in provence.


  3. What beautiful flowers they brightened up my day!

  4. lovely...thank you for the refreshment!

  5. Such beautiful photos :)

    I saw "War Horse" last week, I thought it was absolutely fantastic....and yes, I sobbed too!!!

    Visually it was beautiful, I thought the acting was superb, the horses were gorgeous, the actor who played Albert was perfectly cast....it was incredibly moving.

    I am such a fan of Michael Morpurgo, as is my daughter, she has read most of his books. We have an excellent Children's Bookshop locally and Michael Morpurgo is very involved with them - a couple of months ago he came to give a talk - answering questions and reading aloud, he was amazing.

    What a beautiful place you must live in XX