Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Calm Wednesday.

I woke feeling rather "grumpy" and out of sorts this morning. The cat was yowling outside my bedroom window in the early hours, obviously flexing his muscles against any trespassing cat! This in turn set the dogs barking, so I am feeling rather frayed around the edges. Hope my general mood will improve as the day goes along. Thought I would post something pretty and calming to sooth and smooth today along.

all credits from prievious posts.

Hope Your Day Goes Along Swimmingly!


  1. Oh those colors would improve anyone's mood. Beautiful, love the blues and pinks, especially the flowers!

  2. Hello there - I know what you mean about starting the day with a grump. I find that with worries; things that seemed enormous yesterday are less so today! Lovely soothing images for sure...what a wonderful collection. I am so pleased that you are blogging again after your break. Lou x

  3. Its Thursday here in Melbourne 6 am and those images are just right for a serene mind!

  4. how did that happen?!... your "grumpiness" brought me goodness! oh how i appreciate your style! thank you.