Sunday, 2 October 2011

Me Time.

Today is my birthday, I have been feeling less than positive recently, rather a downer on myself in all areas of my life. However today I am going to be kind to myself, generous in my thoughts and take a softer line.

Last night some friends came over for supper, it was a lovely evening, enjoyed by all. This morning I opened lovely cards with sweet messages, so I must be ok!
One of my friends gave me a wonderful package full of Jo Malone goodies. I have lit one of the candles and will later raise a glass to myself and remember that we can't expect to always get things right, to always know the answers and to please everyone. BUT, I am me and it is ok to be less than perfect!

Happy Sunday x


  1. nice post! i love this pictures;););) I hope you have some time to see my last post.kisses Maria Sole

    blog/vint@ge by Maria Sole Tattini
    Fb page;)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope the me time helps set things right

  3. Have a peaceful birthday, surrounded with all people you love|
    Sometimes imperfections create beauty...

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I know how you feel, I struggle with this sometimes as well. Just remember when your down that you are loved and cared for by your sweet friends and family and that you are always special in their eyes, this always helps me.
    Have a beautiful day!!

  5. Happy Birthday
    Enjoy your day

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  6. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl...whatever is getting you down...a pox on it I say!