Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday Treats.

images via beauty and grace.

Gorgeous flowers, yummy cake, pretty colours and the cutest little girl!



  1. Hello and sorry for my extended absence. The move from Sydney to Sweden was somewhat exhausting (on a fair few levels) and I lost my 'blog-drive'..

    It's always so nice to come here. You find such lovely pictures, and today's post is no different. I simply adore that little flower girl. Just look at that chubby hand.. *sigh* Cuteness personified!

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  2. i'm so glad you're back. i had just found your blog when you decided to stop for a while. and quite honestly, i missed your wonderful photography. i can count on getting a daily dose of beauty. :)

  3. Truly beautiful! You blend tones and textures so well, perfect late summer country living! Hugs from Lincolnshire - Glenda xxx P.s. we were at Burghley too (Thursday for the dressage)!!!! Have a fabulous Blenheim