Friday, 16 September 2011

My Famous Five.

Apart from the real essentials in life like  family and loved ones, here are 5 things that I need around me, that enhance my life, lift my spirits and make me happy:

1. Beautiful Interiors.

2. Me Time.

3. Fresh Flowers.

4. Positive Thoughts.

5. Rural Life.

  I know 5, I will also sneak in a mention for my favourite pyjamas, coffee in my special cup, Chanel N0 5, a good book, hot baths etc etc.............

I would love to hear your "Famous Five" so I pass this on to anyone who would like to share their choices.

Thank you for your lovely comments this week and for following. Happy Weekend x

1 comment:

  1. Hello....found you while jumping around in blogland. What a pretty spot you have and I think it is wonderful that you are living a beautiful life to the best of your ability. Don't ever let that fade or matter what our age....we all need beauty.