Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday, Monday.

beauty and grace

Hi, I hope you all had a good weekend. My other half went off to the Goodwood Revival on  Sunday, I confess that I had one of those wonderful, lazy days when you wake and know that you can snuggle back under the covers as there are no time pressures for you to get up. I padded around in my jim jams, read for a while and in between the rain showers, weeded in my veg garden. I lit the fire in the afternoon and watched a re-run of Midsomer Murders!!!

My daughter and I had an Indian takeaway in our pyjamas in front of the fire and telly and generally chilled......BLISS!

Don't forget that I look forward to reading your "Famous Five" if you would like to share them.

cath kidston

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  1. Hello - ahh the Revival - hope he enjoyed it. It's strange, as my town gets completely overtaken by people in vintage dress. The cars are amazing, but of course the traffic is too! Glad you had a chilled time. Anything in PJs is good... Lou x