Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday, Friday.

decorative country living

This is not the post I had intended for you all today. However today has conspired against me, I am feeling fraught and not a little cross. Some of you will recall that my daughter was involved in a car accident just over a year ago, I have been trying, unsuccessfully to resolve the claim with little or no satisfaction, a general lack of care and communication seems to prevail with my insurance company and a greed and  determination from the other driver that does nothing to restore my belief in other peoples honesty or good nature. 
So today I have decided to put it all in the hands of my solicitor. Phew, these things upset me, unsettle me and make me concerned, maybe I should be stronger.
SO....... my post today is different to the one planned, I hope you will like the images and, when a sense of calmness has been restored I will blog the post I had intended.

beauty and grace

gap interiors

gap interiors

beauty and grace

the real flower company

daniel farmer

Thank you so much for following, your lovely comments and for taking the time to stop at my blog.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, I am off to Blenheim tomorrow, so hope the sun shines, and for you too.



  1. Have a lovely weekend, Love, Eliana

  2. I can understand what you mean, I'm a solicitor..
    Have peaceful days :)

  3. Lovely photos especially the chair with the pale pink shawl. Have a lovely day at Blenheim and I hope the sun shines for you.

  4. I am sorry to read that the whole matter has been so stressful - and that it is still ongoing, how frustrating.

    Hope you had a wonderful trip to Blenheim X