Thursday, 9 June 2011

Just Saying Hi.

Is anyone else out there finding it impossible to leave comments?  Come on blogger sort yourself out please.

So a message for lou Take Care x

Tomorrow we say goodbye to "J" it is going to be so very hard. It was impossible NOT to smile when you were with him. I am sure he is making people smile wherever he is.



  1. i do like the idea of a smile transcending time... and that J's ability to make you smile will be with you for always no matter what...thank you for a dear post and collage... -xok.

  2. oh, such beautiful photos and so much inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing!
    hugs, Cheryl

  3. I send you a big hug. He will forever make you smile again thinking to him.
    Thank you for the always beautiful images

  4. Hello there... thank you so much for the vibes you are sending my way...will certainly try to take care. And likewise these times of sadness. I will be trying to relax in coming weeks so I may just hang out on your blog for some visual inspiration. L x