Monday, 20 June 2011

Goodbye My Friends.

After much thought, I have decided to say goodbye to my blog for a while, I really hope that I will come back again.  It has been such a pleasure, surprisingly actually as I am not really sure what prompted me to begin, and I have been amazed at just how important it has been, not only to post but to read your lovely blogs.

I have found such inspiration in your posts and I feel that some of you have become "friends".

I will continue to follow you daily, I cannot tell you how thrilling it has been to have you as followers, I would love to think that if you leave, you will come back if I start again.

Thank You SO very much.



  1. Oh how I will miss your lovely posts!!!!!!!! I do understand though, sometimes life and living things we post about is more important! With love and hugs - Glenda xxx

  2. I have just became friends, and now you'll be gone :(
    Hopefully when your schedule allows, you'll return, until then, do what's important in your life.
    Best wishes,

  3. Hello - well as I am sure you may be expecting, a little outpouring of sadness from me at your decision to take a break. I do hope you will return. I always loved your blog; one of my faves. I do know what you mean though - somehow blogging requires a certain stability in life (unless you have patently set a blog up to deal with the rough and the smooth). I certainly feel pressure sometimes to blog upbeat when actually I am feeling decidedly the opposite! Take the very best care. Lou x

  4. Oh how I'll miss you!! You're one of my favorite swing-bys! I'll stay right here just so I won't miss your return when that happens!!! You'll be missed! xo!!

  5. thank you for even a short time of visiting with you and enjoying your unique talent for will be missed. wishing you all things beautiful and inspirational. -xok.

  6. Oh no ~ I just found you TODAY! We share so many of the same loves! I joined as your 99th follower, and hope that you will not close your beautiful blog - just keep it out here, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that you will return someday.
    ~ Zuzu

  7. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL !
    Lovely colors and beautiful photos !
    Love from the netherlands ♥RINI♥