Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We received terrible news on Sunday morning, a very close friend of my daughters from a family very dear to us died unexpectedly. We are stunned and struggling to take it all in. There is nothing we can do or say to his parents that can ease their pain, except to let them know that we are here for them.
A young, vibrant life gone in a moment with so many questions unanswered.

It has left us feeling shocked and at loss as to why. All we know is that we will miss him so very very much. I can still cuddle my daughter, I simply cannot comprehend that being snatched away.

Take Care



  1. Oh no. I'm so so sorry for their loss and entirely understand your reaction. What utterly devastating news, it's uncanny isn't it how these things sideline us out of nowhere. A moment of fearful motherhood for you I'm sure. Time will heal and help rationalise but for now understandably very raw. Lou x

  2. so few words for response...i am so sorry. -k.