Monday, 18 April 2011

White, With A Splash Of Colour.

Gorgeous day here, much to do. Just back from a family funeral, actually it felt like more of a celebration which is how it should be, if it can be. This week I will be packing boxes, and trying to get organized for the move. Out to dinner with friends on thursday, wigs and bling party on saturday and egg rolling on Easter Sunday.

Happy Monday To You All x


  1. Such pretty calm images, perfect for a Monday :)
    And a very pretty blog you've got here!

  2. Oh that's really dreamy! I love the voile curtains on the veranda!!! Thank you so much for your lovely message:) you made my day! So sorry to hear that you had to start the week with such a sad event, my condolences. Warmest spring wishes and hugs - Glenda xxx

  3. Have just discovered your blog via and loving every minute of it. A breath of fresh air. Jane (NZ) :)