Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Day Before.

via atlanta bartlett and dave coote

Well, we are nearly there, tomorrow is the big day, I have to say that I am going to watch, feel proud of being British and wish the happy couple lots of joy for the future.

However.....It is also the 1st Anniversary of my blog so I will be posting a GIVEAWAY.

gap interiors



  1. Hello! Me too! I feel mildly self-conscious that I am THIS excited but I really am! I shall be there with my bunting at 8.ooam tomorrow morning (watching TV I mean!). Lou x

  2. what great photos and sweet tributes! congratulations on your one year! happy wedding to all - it is so nice to enjoy good news! -k.

  3. I'm not British, but I swear I must have been in another life! :) I will be up at 3 am here on the west coast watching the wedding, just as I did when I was little watching the wedding of Princess Diana. I love your photos especially the top one!!
    Hope you have a lovely day.