Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Looking Ahead

Busy packing boxes, sorting and throwing away today, clearing all those things that get put away and are never used. There is something very cathartic about having a really good declutter. I am so looking forward to our new home, and especially my kitchen, I have struggled with a very small kitchen for the past 4 plus years, so the anticipation of a lovely big country kitchen, makes me quite giddy with excitement!!!

via dan duchas, sussie bell and google images.


  1. Good luck with your move. Having a large kitchen is lovely. I have had small kitchens before and if you like cooking it can be very fustrating!
    Lemon Meringue pie is one of my favourite desserts. However, I am the only one at home who likes it so I never make it...
    Isabelle x

  2. Oh how exciting!!!!

    I har you I have a tiny kitchen I have green monster moments when I see big kitchens with all that bench space and storage.

    Love these images xox