Sunday, 20 March 2011

Aah, Aga

As I am immersed in house buying at the moment, I have lost count  at how many Agas I have seen. There is no doubt that they really do add heart to the home. Whenever you go to a house with an Aga, people seem to gravitate towards it. I have spent many evenings having to move people and animals out of the way to allow me to get to the ovens or hot plates!! I can remember as a child being told off by my Mother for getting dressed on a school morning in front of the Aga, with my uniform warming on top of the lids.

Happy New Week.



  1. mhhh ...I love aga too, but iwould change al my kitchen ( so probably a husband too)

    I wish you a nice new week,

  2. Beautiful. The image of the little jack russell in prime heat seeking position made me laugh. typical!

    Good luck with the search xox

  3. Hello - yes you are completely right; Agas are something special. I have a Rayburn (known as a poor man's Aga!) which is about 30 years old and is still going! It is fabulous! I adore it and it is absolutely the heart of the home. I would never ever be without one now - Aga or Rayburn. Lou x