Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Every now and then I wake and wonder why I feel so "jumbled" in my head. I am not very good at prioritising my thoughts, so all becomes confused and ineffective. A few years ago a wonderful lady that I sought some advice from said to me that we all need to stop and feel the ground beneath us. I do try and do this. It is true, that "connecting" with your surroundings does bring things into focus. We all lead such busy lives, if we took the time to stand still for a moment we would gain so much. I have just returned from a walk with my dogs, I listened to the birds, the river rushing by and felt the wind in my face, it does help to clear the mind. Don't let thoughts of yesterday rob you of today.

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Happy Tuesday.

PS. Last night my daughter and I went to see "Never Let Me Go" it is deeply affecting, beautifully acted and VERY moving, I shed lots of tears. The soundtrack is sublime.

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