Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Perfect Day

A walk with my dogs, I am so lucky to live on Dartmoor.

A day spent in the garden, I did that yesterday, the sun tried so hard to come through, everything is budding and shooting. Spring is on it's way.

Spring blooms.

PERFECT, this is my idea of heaven, sunny day, sun hat,  pretty dress, a pair of comfy wellies, an arm full of gorgeous flowers in a beautiful garden.

A breather, time for a cup of coffee and a big chunk of chocolate.

Sit back and enjoy the garden.


End of the day, soak those tired feet in a warm, scented bowl.


 A cool. crisp white wine. Chilling.

Steaming bath in a lovely bathroom.


Aahh, fall into a gorgeous white linen filled bed. zzzzzzzz!

I hope you have a Perfect day.


  1. That's just too gorgeous for words! I adore the wellies and the smock combination, now all we need is the sun!

  2. I love your perfect day especially the walk with the dog.