Sunday, 23 January 2011

Vanilla Essence

via mary ruffle

alison davidson

fired earth

 alison davidson

I am fixated by colour at the moment. As I am house hunting, in my head I see each possible room and how I will decorate them. I am such a fan of the gorgeous, rich, muted and creamy colours you see in every paint chart, I have most of these charts!!! Perfect neutral paints that are the ideal backdrop for paintings and textiles. I seem to see these shades of vanilla wherever I go.

forever flowering



  1. I love this colour too as it's bright but much softer than white. Plus I'm not sure I could cope with cleaning a bright white house!

  2. Gorgeous images and the colour is so calming. My whole house is painted in 'slipper satin' by Farrow and Ball and it's the perfect mix between stone and vanilla! Lou x