Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday Elegance

My head is full of interiors at present, I am going to be moving later in the year, busy house hunting at the moment. I have box files bursting with cuttings of decorating and design ideas, for both house and garden. Blogging is a huge source of inspiration, so many of you have the most wonderful images and interior design talents.

images via atlanta bartlett, alison davidson, jon day, polly wreford and caroline arber

PS. Last night I went to see "The King's Speech". one word, FABULOUS!

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  1. I just came over to ask what you thought of the film!!! Wasn't it brilliant??! I have never seen our local cinema so full - and people applauded at the end, which never happens these days does it :)

    Colin Firth was AMAZING, so moving at times...and Geoffrey Rush was fantastic, almost better than Colin in a way. They had great chemistry didn't they?

    Haven't enjoyed a film so much for ages, I might have to go and see it again :)