Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mellow Thursday

alison davidson

How is it that sometimes, for no apparant reason you can wake one morning and just feel that you want to retreat into yourself, stay close to home and take time out? I am having one of those days today, hope I am not due the dreaded bugs that so many of my friends have suffered from over the past few weeks. I will give into it today, keep warm and take stock.

Pop over to the lovely lou it is her 1st Birthday today.

Happy Birthday!



  1. I understand you so much! I would just recommend you to stay at home and take a rest! Listen to your body! Kisses

  2. I am so with you - I dragged myself to work today and endured lots of sniffles all around me! Best placed is tucked up in front of the fire. Thanks for the mention - you are a sweetie, I can always rely on you xxx

  3. I've not been well for the past couple of days so have stay indoors snuggled in the warm. Whilst I did not like being ill it was a great opportunity to hide inside out the rain and stay in my PJs for two days.