Wednesday, 26 January 2011

 Thoughts For A Wednesday

I have just been over to the lovely lou at Lou Boos and Shoes. As always Lou has written a thoughtful, intelligent post asking questions as to why and how we blog. I have only been blogging for 10 months, I am not sure what prompted me to start it, but now that I have I am surprised at just how important it is to my daily routine. I miss my favourite bloggers when they are away, I look forward each day to what they have posted. The beauty of some of the blogs I follow really does lift my day. I think, firstly I blog for myself, however I have discovered that it is equally important to me that other people get enjoyment from it too, and, if for whatever reason I lose a follower I feel as though I may have disappointed them in some way. So, to those of you who kindly follow me, I hope that I can share something lovely with you as often as I can! 

images: caroline arber and chris baker

With Love To My Lovely Followers x


  1. Hello A - thanks for the lovely mention - not every Wednesday I get called intelligent and thoughtful! Maybe I think too much? But I am delighted you started blogging; yours is one of my faves as the images are always wonderful and calming. It's like a tonic. Lou x

  2. It is all just so truly wonderful. I love each picture on your blog!