Friday, 19 November 2010

Festive Friday

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Jo tyler

lucyina moodie

I have suddenly started to feel very Christmasy!!! I went up to Cheltenham last weekend and everywhere looked so festive. My absolute favourite shop is the White Company, the wonderful scents of Christmas filled the store, the white twinkling lights, and the gorgeous tree decorations made it impossible not to feel in the Christmas spirit. I returned home with several White Company bags, full of their winter scented candles. I will however control myself and wait, as I do each year, until the 1st of December, when the advent calenders go up and the wreaths go on the front door and back gate. OOH, I am so looking forward to it all.

white company

lucyina moodie

the real flower company

I have been without my laptop for the past week, I missed you all, it is SO good to be back!!



  1. Hi, lovely Christmas appetizers:-))) soon I will start with my decorations ,too!!! wish you a lovely weekend!!!

  2. oooo nooooo more goodies!!! I have three invitations for christmashouses this weekend, and I can't go!!!! I'm SICK!!!! BOOHOOOO.....But you enjoy yourself ;))

    Sweet greetings

  3. I have a sneaking suspicion I love Christmas more in November than when it actually arrives in December! I love the build up... got advent calendars for the kids this week - with glitter. Love that! Lou x