Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday Recipe

As promised, here is an incredibly easy recipe for delicious Sloe Gin.

For approx 800ml.

450g sloes
710ml gin
350g caster sugar.

Dry the sloes, put into the freezer overnight, (some people prick each sloe, but this is very time consuming.) Putting in the freezer breaks the skin but does not affect the flavour.
Put the sloes into a sterilised bottle, add the gin and the sugar. I don't like my sloe gin too sweet, so I usually reduce the sugar, it is up to you.

Put a lid on the bottles, store in a cool, dark place and turn regularly until the sugar dissolved.
After about 3 months it is ready to drink. Worth the wait, I promise.

This recipe works just as well with vodka instead of gin!

Happy Weekend To You All.

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