Saturday, 25 September 2010

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside. . .

photo credits: vintage eiderdowns, sussie bell, decorative country living, robin stubbert and google images

Brrr, it is a chilly morning here, on with the sheepskin slippers, cashmere cardi and a very large cup of steaming coffee, OR....... I could of course just snuggle back down under my eiderdown!

Hope your Saturday is filled with warmth and smiles.


  1. Morning! It is chilly - am contemplating going running at the Marina...always bracing but on a sunny crisp morning it will be lovely - I hope! Lou x

  2. LOVE these images - I adore vintage eiderdowns! Your Blog is just SO pretty - I've added it to my Bloglist! xx

  3. It's suddenly got rather cold hasn't it. Autumn is properly here. Time to put on slippers and big cozy sweaters. Just hoping it doesn't rain too much. It's OK being cold but cold and soggy really isn't nice.

  4. oh you did it again..! you showed me just the most loveliest images, vintage eiderdowns, well, what's not to love ?
    Too bad I couldn't crawl back under one of them on this rainy monday morning :)
    Hope your week is off to a great start xxxx

  5. You have such a pretty blog, it makes me smile.
    I will be stalking following you!
    Enjoy your week,