Thursday, 8 July 2010

Just Adorable

simply darling

Decided tonight that there was too much work and not enough play, so downed tools and headed off to see some great friends. Gin and Tonic in their beautiful garden turned into supper in our lovely local village pub. One of those rare English Summer nights when you can eat outside without having to wear at least 7 layers of clothing or risk being eaten by insects. Whilst there, 2 children half English, half Spanish came over to chat with us, oh how I envy and delight in the complete innocence and truth of the young and how sad that once an adult, we seem to lose that wonderful honesty and gift for seeing and saying it how it is.

innocence and beauty

robb arron gordon

the heavenly smell of horses and ponies, my enduring childhood memory.

daniel pangbourne

Utterly Gorgeous



  1. Utterly gorgeous indeed. I went to see a school play last night with my children and really these 9/10/11 year olds were just unreal. So talented and confident but not in a precocious way. It's so lovely to see. Lou x

  2. That's just so pretty to see!

  3. Beautiful blog and beautiful pictures...
    I follow you!


  4. Totally gorgeous.....I was going to say "utterly gorgeous indeed" but Lou beat me to it, that's the second time today I have left virtually the same comment as her!

    Such beautiful images :)

    Hope the kitchen is coming along :)