Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Jump In

I love the energy, freedom and fun of this image. My daughter leaves for a holiday with friends to a villa in south west France tomorrow,  there will be much laughter,sun and sea.

Sad to say,this is NOT me hanging out the washing! Beautiful.

google images

I wish I could wake each morning feeling this lively! Love the mirror and lights.

images michael heffernan

A very POWERFUL image. This woman looks so strong, confident, elegant and carefree. She knows who she is, and is comfortable in her own skin. I ASPIRE to that very much.


Happy Wednesday


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  1. Hello there - lovely pictures today - you do keep finding them. This is my last day of relative freedom before my kids break up...I am savouring every moment (except for the dentist appt this morning - am trying to forget that!) Lou x