Monday, 19 July 2010

The Genuine Article

Lauren Hutton, Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton. For me, these women are still amongst the most beautiful,  not only are they stunning , but they all have an individuality and "edge" that few have bettered. A spirit and coolness that cannot be manufactured.

image terry o'neil

I am sure at times we have all had  feelings of self doubt about our looks, bodyshape and style. One of the things I love about these three women is their apparent "freedom" to let the essence of who they are stand out as much as their obvious beauty. As I get older I am really trying to concentrate more on the elements of my appearance and personality that I consider good, and try not to dwell on the "bits" I don't like, these negative thoughts can, if allowed to, become very powerful and all we see. We each have our own unique qualities, we need to find the confidence to let them shine through.

Have a Lovely Week and Celebrate You!


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