Sunday, 25 July 2010

First Things First

The kitchen is all but finished, just a few touch ups required, but the big stuff is done. PHEW! However, we are all used to seeing gorgeous, no expense spared kitchens on our blogs. My kitchen will not be like those, firstly it is very small, secondly I only rent this cottage so I am limited as to what I can, want or afford to do. It is however a big improvement on the dark old fashioned (not in a lovely retro way)  space that was there.

I found this little shelf in a second hand shop near to me, painted it in pale delphinium by Laura Ashley and added some of my daughter's christening cups etc.

I love fairy lights in kitchens

I am going to paint this chair in a creamy white to match the table which I painted a while ago.

So it is done. . . . .  it is not the kitchen of my dreams, BUT it is now a more pleasing place to be and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I did it all myself.
My daughter returns this morning from France, I can't wait to see her.

Happy Sunday


  1. Hi - pretty pictures...especially the lights at the window. It's funny isn't it how blog pictures are just so beautiful that when we take one ourselves we think it's not good enough! I so know that sensation where I have toyed with posting pictures I have taken of our house and then thought 'nah!'. It's like the interiors version of airbrushing out wrinkles - the professional ones put ours to shame. Their don't always have the charm though... and these do! Lou x

  2. Lovely pictures. I know exactly what Lou means, and I think you've done a brilliant job. The fairy lights picture and the mugs look really fantastic.
    I really like the blue you chose to paint your shelf as well.
    All in all I'd say you have a very pretty, and very inviting kitchen :)

  3. Beautiful pictures I also love your lights in the window. Such a charming place.