Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Your House Needs You!

image mark scott

As my daughter was ill last week, I have to say that I let the house go to pot somewhat! So, today I have made amends and started to tackle all those jobs that were neglected, it is crying out to be cleaned!

I have done 3 coats of floor paint on my newly sanded floorboards at the top of my stairs, it is looking good, I now just have to make sure that I keep the dogs and cat away from it until it is completely dry! 2 more coats should see it finished. I have also decided that my kitchen cupboards are beyond hideous, so after a very informative and helpful chat with the lovely people at farrowandball my next plan is to paint the doors and hopefully, make them look marvellous!

image farrow and ball

I love paint, it instantly transforms a room and, if you make a mistake it isn't too costly to change it. I am thinking of painting the cupboards in lime white, I will keep you posted.

annie sloan

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

mark scott



  1. Oh, you always do the prettiest, most summery posts!

    I love Farrow&Ball...gorgeous colours, so difficult to choose....I am STILL deciding on the colour for the shed!!

    Happy Tuesday to you :)

  2. I have just found your blog and love the beauty of it all. The photographs you use are stunning.

    I must try to come back into the house and do some work on it but my garden is just too tempting at the moment and I want to spend all my time in it.

    Happy painting!

  3. yep- i love a good paint transformation...
    lovely to clear out & start a fresh after your *baby* was poorly.....flowers & sunshine how perfect....
    good luck with the kitchen cupboards- it is good fun!
    melissa x