Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Just back from work, I have taken up Simone's challenge, so here goes.

What was I doing five years ago?

I had just come out of a serious relationship, things were not good either emotionally or financially, so life was not great. I had to ask myself some very difficult questions and face some uncomfortable truths, not easy and I wasn't very successful to begin with. I felt that I had failed my daughter ( though  not once has she ever blamed me for any of the decisions I have made.) I was living in a house far too big and expensive for me, which only drained me more. Through the help of good friends and an inner strength and self belief that I did not realise I had, I came through, better and wiser.

Where do I see myself in the next five years?

Life is calmer now, my daughter is now 17, doing her A'levels, she is confident and positive about her future, I think that is a testament to her intelligence and sense of self. I have a truly lovely man in my life, we started as friends and discovered a great love! I have been in my present home for just over 3 years and I love it, it has been a healing place and somewhere to be who I am. Once my daughter has finished schooling and either set off to university or gap year etc, my man and I hope to find a place to renovate in South West France, somewhere we can create and enjoy together, but within easy reach for my daughter.

What do I have to do today?

I have been gardening and painting a gorgeous antique fireplace for someone today.
Have to walk my 2 dogs.
Collect my daughter from her friends.
Hoover out my car!!
Have a big cup of coffee.

image here

What five snacks do I like?

Chocolate, sorry, but sometimes it is essential!
Tomato and mozzarella salad.
Warm bread with yummy cheese.
Wine.....I know it is a drink.

image here

What would I do if I was a Billionaire?

I would help family and friends, make sure that my daughter was secure for her future. I would help out certain charities, especially children's and cancer charities. I am not sure if I would actively change that much, I would buy a really lovely house as my home and lovely interiors are very important to me and are one of the ways that I like to express my personality. I would update my dear little VW Polo as she is getting a bit old! It would be rather FAB to go on a spending spree with my daughter, girlie's day out!!

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Thank you for listening!


  1. I liked your post very much, so witty!!! Thank you for your comment, it was nice to receive so much encouraging words. You made my day xoxo

  2. I really loved reading this, nice to know a little more about it - thanks for accepting my tag :)

    I am so glad that you have reached a happier place in your life after what must have been a really turbulent time to say the least.

    Your plan of finding a home in SW France sounds wonderful - my cousin and her family have moved out there and I don't think they will ever come back!

    Have a lovely day :)

  3. Very nice post and nice blog! It sounds like you and I would be good billionaire friends - not too frivolous and we love the same snacks. ;-)

  4. What a fabulous post and very similar to my story - only mine was 10 years ago. It's amazing the strength that we never realize we have until it's truly needed! Good for you! I popped over from Simone's blog and really enjoyed reading your 5 years! Have a beautiful week! xxoo :)