Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

norman parkinson

I am feeling rather reflective today, Life can throw you all sorts of challenges and today is one of those days.
Also, I want to use this post to say SORRY if I have ever unknowingly upset someone on this blog, I am very new to blogging so not quite sure of the etiquette of it all, I was sad to see today that I seem to have lost a follower, I do hope you come back!

Anyway, the sun is shining, the birds are singing so chin up and enjoy the day! As it is Ladies Day at Ascot here are some FAB hats.

image rodney smith

rodney smith

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Have a lovely day Ladies.



  1. Gorgeous post....i have friends who went to Ascot yesterday :)

    I haven't been around much this week....but just wanted to say that I wouldn't worry about "losing" followers....and I definitely wouldn't take it personally....ever :) You are doing a wonderful job and your blog looks fabulous....seriously...don't sweat it, as they say...somewhere :)

  2. Oh yes, I hate that feeling when you lose a follower. I guess we must learn not to take it personally... I am sure they just refreshed their list rather than you offended anyone. With this being such an international forum I do worry sometimes that things I say in jest may not be interpreted the same way everywhere!

  3. Hello. Now really - how on earth can you have upset someone with your blog? It's just so pretty! As Simone says, don't worry about loosing followers - in those early blog days I was the same but then I realised that followers are just one component, as were people who commented, as were people who visited my site and so on. Some people click on the 'follower' button and then later change their mind - that's fine, don't fret sweetpea!

    Your blog is lovely. And I love that you popped back to me twice today with something else to say! So nice. Lou x

  4. i too completely agree with simone and lou...your pictures are beautiful...your thoughts are lovely...and visiting you makes one smile...there is no possible way any of this could be anything but a pleasure for people! keep creating what you love- all blogs are different and enjoyed for different reasons...and yours is heavenly...
    melissa x

  5. You may have lost one, but now you have gained one in me.

    It is not worth fretting over, although I know easier said than done. I sometimes wondered why people who used to comment stopped, and then I just realised it it a bit of a cycle. People will comment for a while, then move on to other interests. I have done the same myself. Now, if I comment frequently on a blog and they never ever comment back, then I don't bother any more. I think it is good manners to respond (perhaps only once in a while, I don't mean everytime) to someone who acknowledges you. Anyway that's my take on the blogging etiquette.

    You have a very pretty blog. I look forward to following you.