Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday Linen

 two small images polly wreford
all others Google images

I love the peas in the pod on the pillow

There is something about crisp, fresh linen that is infinitely pleasing, even the smell of fabric that has blown dry on the line has a special quality to it. As my new background, (which I think I am going to keep) is called French Linen, I thought images of the very thing would be appropriate!



  1. Hello Cowparsley! I like the new background, yep keep that! And the french linen pictures are just dreamy. Nothing like clean linen, it's a personal fave of mine. Lou x

  2. I LOVE old linens, I am off to Prague next month I hope I find good ones over there!! Life is the countryside must be so nice specially in Summer...
    regards from London