Friday, 25 June 2010

Alfresco Friday

The weather is gorgeous here, I hope it is with you. It has been a funny old week. My daughter, who is hardly ever ill, has been really poorly. Home from college all week with her driving test coming up on Monday, it has been a bit stressful for her. As a mother, it is agony to watch your child in distress, it reminds me of the times when she was really little and unable to articulate what was wrong, how upsetting as you try to pacify.
Anyway, hooray she is now back on fine form, so we may venture out and make the most of this amazing weather.

mark scott

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images mark scott

Where ever you head off to this weekend, have a fabulous time.
Thank you for your comments xx

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  1. Hi - sorry to hear that your daughter is unwell - just goes to show that parenthood is a marathon and not a sprint; no matter what age they are they still need their Mummies. Have a great weekend and log may this weather last! Lou x