Tuesday, 25 May 2010

 Little Luxuries

Beautiful elegance

Shop in comfort

So, so pretty

Vintage silk

This is the exquisite lingerie shop I told you about recently. Birdi, who owns and runs the shop is passionate about beautiful lingerie and firmly believes that every woman should have the pleasure of wearing really lovely underwear that, not only fits properly, but also makes you feel like a million dollars. Why shouldn't an everyday necessity be beautiful?

The shop is a delight, beautifully displayed with vintage accessories.

Birdi's website www.birdislingerie.co.uk

After our visit to Birdi's lovely shop, my daughter and I decided to take our lunch and have a picnic with the dogs by the river and the bluebells. . . . . Peaceful and relaxing.

Just Chilling

Yum Yum, nice sandwich!

Tales of the River Bank


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