Saturday, 8 May 2010

In The Dog House.

I have here one, very put out dog!! He had a sneak at the blog and has seen that the puppy is on it!! Not happy. So to avoid any bad feeling here this weekend I will make amends and post a photo of my very handsome 8 year old springer spaniel. . .  hopefully this will restore harmony to chez cowparsley!

Ten Years Of Thoughtful Inspiration.

Many Years ago in a Telegraph magazine I saw an article all about a fairly new company called Cabbages and Roses. The article titled Summer Camp by Daisy Bridgewater featured the beautiful tent that Christina Strutt used as a natural extension to the house outside her Somerset home. Ever since reading that article I have been hooked on the beautiful fabrics and interiors that are the understated, quality and charm of Cabbages and Roses. The thing I love about their ethos is the recognition that homes, regardless of style or budget should ultimately be places that say and mean something about the people that live in them, Christina totally gets that.In this, their 10th year, Christina Strutt has produced a beautiful new book.


All images from cabbages and roses homeware Lookbook.

Have a Great Weekend xx

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