Friday, 21 May 2010

Cool Camping.

We are forecast a super sunny weekend here, so I had a thought about camping, now, I must confess that I have never been that keen on "roughing" it in a leaking tent with no access to my hairdryer and other essential girlie items! However there is now another way to enjoy the great outdoors, in comfort and style.

featherdownfarms is a real revolution in camping, beautiful tents with woodburners, comfy, cosy beds, all set in stunning surroundings with hens and farm life on your doorstep.

jollydaysluxurycamping set in Yorkshire, this really is a funky way to camp.

If being under canvas doesn't do it for you, how about an airstream trailer from vintagevacations

 Don't forget to pack some Glam Wellies
just in case

Have a FABULOUS Friday


1 comment:

  1. The weather is lovely isn't it, we must make the most of it!!

    We camp (in tents) once a year with friends....but we take lots of equipment and we refer to it as "glamping" rather than camping!! I have a couple of friends who have stayed at Featherdownfarms....but I think it's a bit of either camp in proper tents or it's a nice comfy bed in a hotel!!!

    Happy Week-end to you :)