Tuesday, 18 May 2010

All Things Lovely.

Just back from hunting for a chest of drawers for my daughter's bedroom. Couldn't find anything suitable, so this weekend I will strip and repaint the existing one, much more affordable and creative!

While looking, I went into the MOST BEAUTIFUL lingerie shop, run by the wonderfully named Birdie, it oozes glamour, the colours, materials and range are simply divine. Amongst the stock, Birdie had just got the most heavenly vintage silk items that are evocative of another era. I didn't have my camera with me, so I will go back and take some pics on Friday and post them soonest.
In another shop I came across some gorgeous fabrics by Susie Watson Designs, affordable and in lovely colours, take a look at the website. They also do pretty china, home accessories and a wedding range.


Talking of Lovely Things.

I Wish!!

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  1. LOVE that last image about Mr Clooney, I need one of those ;) That made me smile :)

    Susie Watson rings a bell, going over to check her website out now, it looks gorgeous.