Friday, 30 April 2010

Paint Charts and Purchasing Opportunities.

I'm not sure if many people get excited about buying a step ladder, but I do!
Armed with every paint chart I can get my hands on, I pour over the endless possibilities and tempting colours, the names alone conjure up French Chateaux and country idylls. I plan my own affordable version of faded, shabby chic to brighten up my rented cottage and eventually decide on Crown's soft linen in matt emulsion. My perfect house would be just like the wonderful interiors of Cabbages and Roses, if only!
I plan to trawl through the cupboards and under the stairs to see if I can unearth anything worth selling, this will make me feel quite virtuous and also less guilty if I replace them with some lovely new finds from my nearest little town, which is bursting with inviting shops full of things I need!!

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