Monday, 2 March 2015

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March has arrived. Sunny and cold with a very keen wind, but surely Spring can't be far away!

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Not So Grand Designs

Rant Time... 

Like many, I really enjoy watching programmes on house renovations, building the dream, creating something wonderful out of a rather ordinary building. I can see the appeal and sense of achievement one must get from breathing new life into a property and stamping your mark on it.
For me though our house renovation and extension does not currently hold that charm. I am sorry to say I am not enjoying it at all. This is not the first home I have renovated, and indeed the first time held many challenges, not least because my daughter came along before we had finished the work. However I was younger then, had more energy and purpose. Ask almost anyone who has undertaken a building project and they will invariably tell you that it will take twice as long as envisaged and cost twice as much. Certainly that is true. What I am finding SO hard is living in so much mess and dust. It seems to seep through every wall and crevice, there is no escape from it. No matter how hard and often I clean it up, it never goes. As we currently have no heating upstairs, I can't find sanctuary in a lovely warm bedroom either. 

As I live in the countryside, there is always an element of dirt to contend with from wellies, dogs and general outdoor living, however this added to the build has left me feeling as though I will be trapped in this cycle of chaos for ever. The lovely Lou has written so well about her own experience of a building project, how I empathise and totally get how at times it all just seems completely overwhelming with no hope of an end in sight. I could never be featured on Grand Designs, imagine, most probably I would be in tears or harbouring a deep desire to just throw my hands up in the air with expletives! Viewers would consider me a total nightmare ( as does my husband through this probably) I really do admire people that can see the positive through the challenges and delays, I take my hat off to them ( no doubt one of those very fetching bright yellow health and safety helmets you see builders wear)! Personally, I simply can not wait until this whole episode is over, when I can step back and hopefully appreciate the end result and finally restore some order in a CLEAN house.........

Rant over, beautiful images to follow..... And Breathe.

Blissful simplicity.

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